Aatas Cat, Cat Wet Food, Finest Series, $28.80 Per Carton

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A unique formulation of TUNA WHOLE LOIN & CAGE-FREE CHICKEN with FUNCTIONAL INGREDIENTS to provide the everyday essential for feline’s health needs!

6 different recipes in Jelly formula:


Indulge in the impeccable taste of PREMIUM TUNA WHITE MEAT with SUPERFOODS slow-cooked and simmered in savoury soft jelly topped with the finest selection of nutritionally wholesome Superfoods.

4 different recipes in Soft Jelly formula:


A revitalizing and healthful blend of CAGE-FREE CHICKEN with IMMUNE-BOOSTING FRUITS that provide felines with nourishing nutrition.

6 different recipes in Gravy formula:

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  1. Promotion is valid until 30 Jun 2020, or while stock lasts.
  2. Sold by per carton (24 x 80g). No mix and match allowed.