North Paw, Cat Dry Food, Grain Free, 2 for $88 (3 Types)

  • $88.00
  • Save $51.80

North Paw Grain Free puts the full power of science into every pet formula. Its innovations comprise of three unique features:

  • Fine Grind: Denser pellets, less bag dust, better oral health & more nutrients
  • Infusion Process: Forces nutrient-rich oils to permeate the kibbles without making it greasy
  • Freshness Valve: Keeps oxygen out, minimise oxidisation, keeps food fresh and longer lasting

TYPES AVAILABLE (click below links to view ingredients)

* Notes:

  1. Promotion is valid till 31 Mar 2021, or WHILE STOCK LASTS! 
  2. Mix & match is allowed for this promotion. Please select from the option droplist accordingly. You will received total 2 bags of 4.96lb (2.25kg) as selected.