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Poésie® Colours contains a mixture of fish, meat and vegetables to provide a healthy and nutritious complete diet for your cat. It also meets the needs of cats at different life stages, and is the optimal choice for wholesome and nutritional everyday food.

  • Sugar-Free Recipe
  • High Palatability > 99%
  • No Artificial Colours & Flavours
  • Adapted Recipes for Nutrition
  • Unique Colour Concept: Each colour provides a different nutritional benefit
    • Yellow: Pumpkin, Sweetcorn - Digestive Health
    • Red: Tomato - Joints
    • Blue/Purple: Riceberry - Immunity
    • Orange: Sweet Potato, Carrot - Skin & Eyes
    • Green: Green Pea, Beans - Energy

Available in 10 different recipes:


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