BowWow, Cat Treats, MeoWow Chupa Creamy, Tuna & Squid

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Made with quality chicken, tuna and other seafood, this squeezable paste-textured treat is highly palatable and has a smooth, creamy consistency that even the fussiest cat will love.

Free of grain, corn, salt, sugar, and artificial colours and preservatives, Chupa Creamy is formulated with natural mineral water to keep your kitty hydrated and taurine for his/her heart health.

Comes in 8 delicious flavours.


Main Ingredients: Tuna meat

Supplementary materials: Thickening polysaccharide, Squid concentrate

Functional ingredients: Fructooligosaccharide, rosemary extract, taurine, vitamin E, green tea extract

Calory: 34kCal / 100g

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