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Cat Litter Company, Cat Healthcare, Others, Health Indicator Universal

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HEALTH INDICATOR® can be used with ALL sorts of cat litter.

HEALTH INDICATOR® detects anomalies in urine and will alert you days before your cat shows more obvious signs of being unwell. Monitoring your cat by HEALTH INDICATOR® will provide an early detection of potential health problems, allowing a quicker diagnosis & therefore quicker treatment.

HEALTH INDICATOR® can alert you to many potential health problems including:

  • Cystitis
  • Bladder stones
  • Urethral plugs
  • Bladder infections


  1. Once a month after refilling your cat’s litter box, spread the entire contents of the 200g bag of HEALTH INDICATOR® evenly across the top of the litter.
  2. A short moment after your cat uses the litter box, compare the colour of the crystals at the urination spot to the colours on the chart. The normal colour, when urine is added to the litter, is either light to dark yellow. Should any other colour become visible, immediately contact your vet (abnormally discoloured litter should be removed with a plastic cup, or spoon).
  3. After completing the test stir the HEALTH INDICATOR® into the regular litter where it will help eliminate odours. 

Homes with multiple cats should separate the cats so each cat has its own litter box with HEALTH INDICATOR®.

lf your cat typically digs prior to urinating; empty litter box and spread contents of HEALTH INDICATOR® evenly across the litter box. After completing the test, refill box with regular litter.

Click here to view video on usage of HEALTH INDICATOR®.


Health Indicator cannot detect every urinary abnormality, only your cat’s veterinarian can undertake such a diagnosis. Health Indicator is NOT for “at home diagnosis” and should NEVER be used as a substitute for veterinary care! If you feel your cat is having health or urinary problems contact your veterinarian even if the Health Indicator has not shown colors in the low or high pH ranges.

Cat faeces can transmit a disease called toxoplasmosis.  Pregnant, nursing, or persons with a suppressed immune system should use caution & thoroughly wash hands after handling soiled litter.

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