Feline Natural, Cat Wet Food, 7 Day Box

Feline Natural, Cat Wet Food, 7 Day Box

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Feline Natural premium canned cat food contains all the goodness of our existing product ranges in a convenient, ready to use can. Our canned cat food is FREE from all gelling agents, the only thing we add is Natural Fresh New Zealand Water. Simply pop the top and drop the contents out with ease and no mess.

Packed with New Zealand wholefood ingredients and selected essential vitamins, minerals and oils – the perfect balanced diet or ideal nutrient rich high meat boost to add to a cats existing diet.

Each box of Feline Natural 7 Day Box contains a FREE Zee.Dog bowtie Small (assort design) and 1 x 170g can of each of the following:

* Please click any of the above to view their individual ingredients and respective nutritional information.