Jollycat, Cat Hygiene, Litter, Daizu, Baby Powder

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Jollycat Daizu Litter is made from natural tofu and contains no harmful ingredients. Our Daizu pellets are specially crafted to absorb liquids and instantly form sturdy clumps to tackle tough odors, making cleaning a breeze. It stays off your cat's paws with minimal tracking and is completely dust-free. Cats and owners will have a jolly good time with our Daizu Litter!

Key Features:

  • 2.5mm Daizu Pellets

    Highly absorbent and instantly forms sturdy clumps for easy scooping

  • Excellent Odor Control
    Effectively mask the smell of stinky ammonia and pungent hing
  • Eco-Friendly
    Made from 100% natural biodegradable tofu
  • Easy to Dispose

    Flushable in small quantities

  • Low Tracking and Low Dust

    Protects respiratory health for cats and owners

  • Soft and Gentle on Paws
    Protects cat’s precious toe beans



Manufactured in China

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