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Jolly Cat Okara Cat Litter is made only from tofu and is completely natural and
biodegradable. Our extra fine okara pellets are specially crafted to be highly absorbent,
and they instantly soak up moisture and neutralizes strong odors on contact. It is
lightly-scented and not overpowering for kitty or your sensitive nose yet still delivers
powerful odor control. It also stays off your cat's paws with minimal tracking,
completely dust-free, and chemical-free. Your cat will have a jolly good time using it!

Key Features:

  • Extra Fine Okara Pellets

    Highly absorbent and instantly forms hard, tight clumps for easy scooping

  • Superior Odor Control

    Effective counter to the smell of ammonia in cat’s urine

  • Eco-friendly

    Made from 100% natural biodegradable tofu

  • Easy to Dispose

    Flushable in small quantities

  • Low Tracking and Low Dust

    Protects respiratory health of cats and owners

  • Soft and Gentle on Paws
    Protects cat’s precious toe beans



Manufactured in China

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