Raw Rawr, Dog Food, Freeze Dried, Balance Diet, Beef & Sardine

Raw Rawr, Dog Food, Freeze Dried, Balance Diet, Beef & Sardine

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Grass fed Beef (70%), Wild Caught Sardines (15%), Beef Kidney, Beef Liver, Cabbage, Broccoli, Kale, Pumpkin, Green Apple, Cauliflower.

Australian natural grass fed meat & grass finished meats are also rich in Omega 3 as opposed to corn fed meats that are higher in Omega 6 which promotes inflammation and allergy response. Our short-lived, wild caught sardines have the most concentrated sources of the omega-3 fatty acids - EPA and DHA.

Raw Rawr Freeze Dried requires no refrigeration and has an almost indefinite shelf life, making it perfect for those occasions when you and your dog are on the move. Simply add water ( no warmer than 37 Degrees Celsius) and you have a nutritious, easy to serve raw meal for your canine companion.


Please remember that by adding moisture back to Raw Rawr freeze dried, you reduce the nutrient levels back to what nature would provide. 


Raw Rawr is an easy, convenient and affordable way to provide your dog with a nutritionally balanced raw food diet. When you feed Raw Rawr, you can be sure your dog is getting everything nature knows it needs!


Nutritional Analysis:







If your furkid is new to Raw Rawr, we recommend transitioning the food gradually over 7 days. Start by replacing 25% of his/her current meal with Raw Rawr. Once your pet has adjusted to Raw Rawr (e.g. firm stools), you can gradually increase the amount of Raw Rawr and decreasing the amount of their existing food.


For Adults: Feed between 2%-4% of your dog’s ideal bodyweight depending on activity level and metabolic rate per day. Pregnant or nursing mothers may require 2-3 times the adult amount.

For Puppies: Feed between 6%-9% of bodyweight per day (Split into at least 2 meals a day).

Mix with room temperature water and feed.

A good indication on whether you are feeding the right amount of food would be to feel your dog’s ribs. It should have a slight ‘padding’ to it. If you can‘t feel its ribs, reduce food amount and vice versa.

Recommended wholefoods supplement: Dom & Cleo’s Essential Organic Nutrients (EON) for a fully balanced diet.

Make sure fresh water is available to your dog or cat at all times.


For puppies or kittens 8 weeks old and up to 4 month olds that have never had a raw meat meal will need help adapting to a raw meat diet.

Likewise for sick and elderly animals that have been fed cooked and processed foods all their lives. Pups & kittens have immature digestive systems that need pre-digestion and acidification. This is what mom does when she regurgitates food for her young.

Simulate this process by adding digestive enzymes and digestive acidifiers to their raw meals. Mix well and let it sit for 15mins before feeding.

Adding probiotics just before feeding helps to seed the intestinal tract with good bacteria. Do the same for sick and elderly animals. Carnivores require a slightly acidic body ph while Omnivores & Herbivores do better with a slightly alkaline body ph.

When sick or old, our stomach acidity drops. For carnivores, that makes it harder to breakdown raw meals and killing off bacteria and parasites.

Healthy animals from 4 months old onwards. Switch gradually. Offer small amounts apart from current meal. Increase amount by 1 to 2 teaspoons every 2 to 3 days.

Observe behaviour and poop. If puking or having loose stools, stop till stools are back to normal and try again more gradually or add digestive enzymes, acidifier and probiotics.

We recommend Dom & Cleo Panzyme for digestive enzymes, Dom & Cleo Betain for the acidifier and Dom & Cleo Probiotics.