SmartHeart, Rabbit Food, Raspberry Flavour

SmartHeart, Rabbit Food, Raspberry Flavour

  • $7.70

SmartHeart Rabbit Food is available in 5 different types. Specifically developed to provide complete and balanced nutrition for Rabbits for optimum growth, strong bones and teeth, and healthy skin and coat.

  • Contains high quality fiber for a healthy digestive system
  • Vitamin D helps in the development of strong bones and teeth
  • Improves stool quality and reduces stool odour 
  • Improves the palatability and enjoyment


  • Timothy Grass and Alfalfa complete and high quality fiber for a healthy digestive system
  • Fructo-Oligosaccharides prebiotic to enhance digestive function
  • Yucca Extract enhances stool quality and reduces odor
  • Vitamin C improves immunity and reduces cellular stress from free radicals thereby slowing down the aging process
  • Raspberry Flavour for enhanced palatability and enjoyment


Wheat bran, Soybean Meal, Ground Corn, Rice, Full Fat Soybean, Timothy, Alfalfa, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Minerals, Vitamins, Raspberry Flavour, Yucca Extract, Antioxidants, Food Colouring.


Moisture : Less than 10%
Crude Protein : More than 18%
Crude Fat : More than 2.5%
Crude Fiber : Less than 16%
Crude Ash : Less than 10%
Calcium : More than 0.9%
Phosphorus : More than 0.7%

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