Unicharm, Cat Hygiene, Litter Trays & Boxes, Deo-Toilet Wide Cat Litter System House

Unicharm, Cat Hygiene, Litter Trays & Boxes, Deo-Toilet Wide Cat Litter System House

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Introducing the No.1 Cat toiletry brand in Japan, Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Dual Layer Litter System Wide type comes with 2X* wider space , providing a extra comfort for your cat, and it can simply & effectively eliminate odor from your home with Japanese innovative dual odour block layer design, leaving your closed room smelling fresh even after a week. 

Items Included

  • 1 cat litter system
  • 2 packs of Zeolite Pellet Refill 2L
  • 1 pack of Absorbent Pad Refill 4pcs
  • 1 scoop

Key Features

  • No.1 Cat Toiletry Brand in Japan
  • Comfortable Design for Your Cat
    • Wide Space for Your Cat to "Do Its Business" Easily
    • Low Front Design for your Kitten's Easy Entry
    • Urine Flow to Bottom, Surface Remains Dry
    • Superior Odour Control, Easy to Clean
      • Dual Layer Odour Control with Anti Odour & Anti Bactierial Zeolite Pellets & Absorbent Pads
    • Easy to Clean
      • Zeolite Pellets hardly sticks to cat's paws & scatter easily
    • Bottom layer absorbent pad change ONCE a Week*
    • Top layer Zeolite pellet change ONCE a Month* 
    • Top layer antibac zeolite pellet no clumps, lock moisture immediately and keep surface dry
    • Sheet Replacement
      • Change the Bottom Deck Sheet Weekly**
      • Bottom Layer antibac absorbent pads absorbs urine and prevent unpleasant smell
      • ** Result based on Pet weight up to 8kg and the result vary depends on types of pet, weight and size, volume of urine and season. 
    • Check Your Cat's Health
      • Monitor Your Cat's Health with Unicharm's Absorbent Pee Pads (Yellow - Normal, Thin - Kidney Disease, Bloody - Urinary System Disease)
    • Rotatable Tray
      • Fully Utilise the Pad by Rotating the Tray Front & Back

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