Unicharm, Cat Hygiene, Litter, Zeolite Scented Pellets Refill (2 Scents)

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Unicharm Natural Garden Scented & White Floral Scented Zeolite Pellets Refill Litter is to be used together with the Unicharm Cat Litter System. The zeolite, silica and fragrance microcapsules formula firmly adsorbs ammonia ions, effectively eliminating foul litter box odours. When used with Unicharm Antibacterial Sheets, urine filters down into the lower tray and is absorbed, while cat faeces can be easily scooped from the top tier of the UniCharm Deo-Toilet Dual Layer Cat Litter System.


  • Made in Japan
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Micro-pores structure hydrate moisture, surface no clump & stay dry
  • Allowing urine flows smoothly to bottom pad
  • No scooping needed
  • Anti-tracking and prevent spillage
  • Change only once a month **
    ** Result based on Pet weight up to 8kg and the result vary depends on types of pet, weight and size, volume of urine and season.
  • To be used together with Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Cat Dual Layer Litter System
  • A 3.8L bag can effectively last up to nearly 2 months in a single-cat household

Product Materials:

Zeolite, Silica gel, Fragrance microcapsules

Cat litter Replacement Method
  1. Use the designated scoop to remove the feces or dirty cat litter.
  2. If the top deck’s sand is reduced, please purchase Unicharm Pet top layer zeolite pellet refill pack and refill with it.
  3. To avoid the excretion of odour, in the case of 8kg cat, please change the sand once a month
  4. In the loose stool’s situation, please remove the dirty cat litter. If the toilet very dirty, please wash it and use after dry off.

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